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Mathematics lab
Last Updated On Nov 22 2012 10:11AM
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 Mathematics Laboratory

Mathematics is an abstract subject. It is the subject of understanding and not just solving number of problems on paper.  Due to the abstract nature of this subject and deficiencies in teaching methods, most of the students dislike mathematics . They get afraid of this subject.
To overcome this problem and to make mathematics interesting and visual, Exploratory has developed a mathematics laboratory. We have developed various teaching aids, mathematical models and puzzles, games which explain the difficult concepts in mathematics. We have developed some models based on theorems on circle, triangles, quadrilaterals, some identities, 2d , 3d models etc. for primary and secondary school students. By handling those models students get feel of doing mathematics instead of just solving problems on paper theoretically. Students also get hands on experience in mathematics by performing various activities. They also perform activities using papers like origami, paper cutting .
Puzzles are like a brain food. Puzzles give challenge to student’s intelligence It helps student’s to enrich their mathematical thinking and abilities to analyse the problem. In exploratory students solve various puzzles like dissection puzzles, soma cube puzzle, seven hexagon puzzle etc. Exploratory students also enjoy playing some mathematical game to improve the skill of some algebraic and arithmetic concepts.
In the exploratory the students also learn how this difficult subject is related to our day to day life. Once they understand Why we have to study mathematics and the practical use of this mathematics, it becomes fun for them to study this abstract subject..